Wealthy by Choice


Do you have enough in investments able to produce sufficient income to do what you want in retirement, when you want, with whom you want for the remainder of your life, without having to “work?”  If you are like most people, the answer is a resounding, “No.”  Wealthy by Choice, by Ilene Davis can teach you how to “Choose your Way to a Wealthier Future.


WEALTH IS NEVER, EVER GUARANTEED. You can do all the saving you choose to do. You can make what you feel are wise investments. You can do your best to manage your money wisely and live within your means. But all you need to do is look what happened to many wealthy Cubans or Russians or citizens of other nations to see that just because you accumulated wealth, doesn’t mean you will always have it. For some, it may be that spending every dime they make and dying owing others money is the lifestyle they choose. But for those who have enough faith that you will have a future, but also believe that social security and pensions will not support the lifestyle you hope to enjoy should you not want, or be unable, to work, this book may offer ideas that can make working for a living truly an OPTION.

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