Dr. Daniel Nuchovich, MD was born in Uruguay and graduated as a Physician in Montevideo at the School of Medicine of the University of Uruguay, where fascinated by human anatomy, he received the recommendation of the Dean of Students.  This recommendation opened doors to a clinical research program at the Miami Heart Institute, Miami Beach, FL, which Nuchovich joined in 1982.


During that time Nuchovich got involved in other programs involving teaching and academics, and all the background he developed catapulted him towards higher degrees. Next, he was accepted and graduated in Internal Medicine at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, Illinois, in 1989, after which he returned to Florida.

Very appreciative for opportunities received here in the USA, Nuchovich wanted to give back, so he joined the Palm Beach County Public Health Dep., West Palm Beach, FL, serving and helping the poor and indigents for about 3-1/2 years. Thirsting for more action, he became a certified trauma doctor at the University of Miami and worked as an Emergency Room Physician in various southern Florida hospitals.  “There, in those hospitals, amid sometimes horrible carnage, I also got to meet lots of people with arthritis, chronic pain and injuries, and I realized how these chronic conditions are often not effectively treated by the conventional medical community.”


Then Nuchovich took the intense and complicated course of “Integrating Complementary Therapies into Clinical Practice” at Harvard Medical School. “It took me over six months of intense studies to be ready.” Then, he opened Jupiter Institute of the Healing Arts, where he grouped together a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, a physical therapist, an orthopedic, a nutritionist, an exercise therapist and a nurse practitioner proficient in alternative medicine to work together in harmony and coordination.


He wrote about his initial successes in his first book, The Palm Beach Pain Relief System, 2013, to later advance his studies and write a much more comprehensive manuscript that we now publish: Advanced Alternative Medicine for Arthritis, Chronic Pain and Injuries,   We hope that it will reach the over-100 million people who struggle with those conditions.